Tuesday, May 10, 2016

On the verge of Summer

Birdsong is growing louder, the buds of leafs are getting bigger and various blossoms have emerged.
We are living in full Spring and seems like we´re on the verge of Summer! Recent days have been beautiful and sun filled. I've got you some random pictures to show how it looks around here at the moment. It's been warmer than ever in May!

Making Films Week 7 was about 'how to' or 'making'. Since I had no idea what to do I just shot this fifteen second story of making a wildflower crown.

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  1. Oh, your video is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your nature pictures of Spring in your part of the world :)

  2. I too think your video is wonderful. And such pretty spring photos you have shared.


  3. The light is just dreamy and magical! Great video!

  4. pure delight! gorgeous light and mood in all of these images!

  5. Love it! You make it look so simple! She is gorgeous!

  6. The images are so beautiful and the video is really special


  7. I'm so glad that summer is here. Was just thinking today about how much I love the warmth and light of summer. My emotions are better suited for summer. Gorgeous shots!


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