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This is Mona's Picturesque!

Hello and welcome. I'm Mona. I live in Helsinki Finland – in picturesque Tapanila neighborhood. I’m 34 years old, a busy working mom with two adorable girls and one beloved husband beside. Just about two years ago I discovered photography and editing… and fell for it fast and hard. I suddenly discovered my creative spirit that I didn't even know to exist.

Now photography is my passion and hobby. My camera is the tool for capturing much overlooked beauty of the everyday life. I adore pink, pastel and poetry. All things sweet. Lightness and love. Daydreaming, rainbows and romance. Flowers clouds, cupcakes…

On my blog I love sharing my images, art and sometimes just a snapshots and random musings - hope you love them as much as I do. Thanks for being here

"...and above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never rind it..."
Roald Dahl

My Family 

This is me and my girls - Minea (6 years) and Aamu (4 years)

In any matters please feel free to contact. To get the e-mail, please visit my blogger profile. You can also find me on Facebook.


  1. You have a beautiful blog...I'm glad I discovered it!

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  3. Hello Mona!
    First I want to tell that I just love your photos. I like the soft look on these photos too. Just wonder...what kind of filter/plug-in do you work with with to have this soft purple, pink, blue look...? Have a beautiful day!

  4. Hi Mona,

    I have used your free texture - 10 Baby Blue - You are welcome to see what I have done :)


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  6. That rainbow you liked on my blog. It was like showing for less then 3 minutes. So I was so surprised it even turned out that well. I love photography also.

    I used to take photos of my 6 Grandchildren. Such a nice age right to take. Your family is beautiful.

    I adore all your photography.

    I thought I had you on my friends list.

    So I added you.

  7. Hi there! i'm barbara and i just found your blog thanks to "favorite photo friday". your pictures are amazing!! i'm glad to have found you and i'm your newest follower!
    PS. your daughters names are adorable!

  8. Hi Mona, I'm visiting by way of your "About Me & About You" linky party. Your family is so beautiful, and the picture of you and your girls in the field of flowers is breathtaking - both in the scene and the connection between you and your daughters. Like you I have come to the passion of photography only over the last few years. I am so happy to have a creative outlet! The soft and dreamy quality of your images is clearly a reflection of you. I love this about photography - that there are infinite styles - one for each of us. So nice to have you as a new friend. I will add you to my Blog List for inspiration.

    1. Thank you Donna ♥ All your kind words really warm up my heart!

  9. I just discovered your blog and will be joining you for Floral Love. My interest in photography has grown since started my blog last year. Being a stay at home Mom, photography is my creative outlet, in days filled with cleaning, cooking, and playing with my daughter. I love taking the time to appreciate and photography things that most people would pass by. Your blog is beautiful.

  10. Mona, you have such a beautiful family and I love your website. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I've never thought of a friend's list, what a lovely idea. You've inspired me to start one on my blog. I am looking forward to going through your tutorials and learning more from your site. Thank you for sharing all this with us!

  11. So happy to have stumbled upon your blog... absolutely beautiful and happy.. So lovely to meet you.


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