Monday, May 2, 2016

Let's go for a walk

Oh happiness! Spring is here and feels like Summer actually. Feels so great I don't even have words to describe it. My little one has been waiting for bike rides, birds and white anemones. Yesterday we got it all :)

She wore the scent of early spring
on her delicate neck
and every kiss I stole 
tasted of bright yellow flowers
and buzzing bees.
~Michael Faudet

Week five on Making Films was a halfway breather and I took it to reinforce and practice all I've learned so far. My creation is a video called "Let's go for a walk" starring my little one. And week six on Making Films was about Stop Motion - I had been waiting for it and was very exited about it... but unfortunately I didn't quite nail it :D So... let's save it for later.

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  1. Oh, my a forest floor covered with white anemones - how magical! And your video captured everything so perfectly!

  2. The forest is such a magical place, especially when it is covered in color. Beautiful Mona.

    Lisa @ Life Thur the Lens (

  3. She is so pretty surrounded by spring flowers

  4. Beautiful natural areas to spend some time!

  5. The little girl picking flowers in the forest is like taken from a fairy tale. Breathtakingly beautiful the whole post!

  6. Oi voi, kyllä olet taitava! Ihana on myös valokuvauksen kohde ja tuo paikka..noin paljon valkovuokkoja!<3 Yritän lenkillä katsella, löytyisikö samantapaista paikkaa tuolta meidän metsästä, jos kuopus vaikka suostuisi valokuvattavaksi. Ei kyllä löytynyt, yllätys.:P

    1. Onko muuten ok, jos nappaan koosteeseen kuvan, jossa kaunis kukkaisneito esiintyy myös?


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