Thursday, May 19, 2016


I'm spending more and more time on Instagram and find it working much better than Facebook for picture sharing as well as keeping up with fellow bloggers and photographers and finding inspiration. Since attending Xanthe's Make Films Course I've shared videos as well and will be doing that in the future as well although I'm still waiting for my update that allows 30 second videos...

I love projects and as you might know it's my fifth year with "a month in photos" project. You are always welcome to join on the blog or on Instagram where you can join with #amonthinphotos hashtag.

Now inspired by Xanthe I'll start a new continuous project shooting a monthly scene and sharing it with #mymonthlyscene hashtag. And goes without saying: I would love to see you joining me!

I've always been drawn to the idea where you shoot the exact same spot or location to document the changing seasons and ongoing life. My idea is to capture just what it looks like at the moment... do the trees have leaves... is nature green, brownish or white...? Just a small glimpse to be able to look back and see the transformation. Photos of course work fine for this purpose but I'm thinking this will take it to the next level.
I'm starting this weekend and I've chosen three locations where I'm going to be shooting every month. A spot on our home street, another street we walk everyday to work, school and daycare and this certain rock near our home in the middle of a little forest.

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  1. Your seasonal photos of your girl on the rock are fantastic. I can see you doing this every season all her life. They are frame worthy.

  2. wonderful pictures. So soft and sweet


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