Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lily of that very little valley ♡

My older girl told me one day she had found the most amazing forest with loads of Lily of the valleys. Oh my words it suddenly hit me... She is old enough to spend time time alone and she actually has a life outside our house. Realizing this hurt a little you know...

a ship
is safe
in harbor...

but that's not
what ships
are for.

Anyway she took us there. The forest turned out to be a small pathway with a few trees behind the school house but the flowers were many! 


  1. Love her imagination and the images are dear.

  2. Beautiful images, Mona! Does your daughter take a camera, too? She certainly knows beauty when she sees it, like her mother.

  3. Ihanat kuvauskohteet, kielot ja tytöt.

  4. These just made my heart sing - so lovely!


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