Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer state of mind...

Now you really gotta stop wishing for the sunshine and start living in the rain... We've seen spending the Midsummer celebration with mostly rain in the +15 degrees. I'm wishing for the warm weather but meanwhile we are forced to create our summer state of mind with what we have. No sundresses but sweaters are better than quilted jackets and we are enjoying. Summer, being cold or not,  is a miracle that makes winter a distant memory and I'm grateful for that.

Have a happy summer everyone!

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  1. many wonderful flowers :) You´re daughters are so precious !


  2. Oi ihanuus ... Suomen kesä ln todella kaunis ~ mansikoita, raikas luonto ja kukkaset! Ihanaa kesää sinulle ja perheellesi, Mona (toivottavasti lämpöaalto tulla rupsahtaa helteineen pian!)

  3. Ihanan vihreätä siellä ainakin on! Nämä kuvat ovat taas niin kauniita! Toivottavasti kesäisemmät säät tulevat kohta Suomeenkin! Terveisiä Italiasta :)

  4. My, my your days have been full! What a bounty! and we're only through June! You excel at capturing beauty, my friend! Happy summer!

  5. These are just gorgeous, Mona! I love their little sweaters. Wishing you warmth and sun, but I really love your attitude of making the most of what you have!

  6. Oh my, how beautiful ! I love your photos !


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