Sunday, May 31, 2015

A month in photos {May 2015}

Welcome to share your month in photos!

May was the beginning of Spring and so many other things. We've been running around enjoying every moment and I can't help feeling a little sad now when it's all coming to an end. The little one is going to be a preschooler and Minea finished her first class... I'm proud of her since her first year in school wasn't easy. Being a quiet, sensitive, slow learner she has been working at least twice as hard as the other children. All the children are happy to start their holidays but Minea is mainly relieved: allowed to spend time alone and enjoy silence. And I'm gonna let her do that.

memories sneak out
of my eyes
and roll down
my cheeks 

This month favorite 

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  1. Love that last shot and the way you backlit it. Wonderful.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. I feel the same about spring ending... I feel like I missed it, somehow. I feel the same for my children - it's been so hard. So, your post - so simple but so touching and, then, your pictures come and 'kiss it all better'. sigh. So lovely!


    1. Thank you Katy! ♥ I'm happy you get me!!! :) I hope you and your children will have a very happy summer!

  3. Really gorgeaus pictures!
    Regards Andrea

  4. Beautiful photos ! Enjoy the Summer, hopefully it won't fly by as quickly as Spring did !

  5. Great pictures. You must live in such a pretty area. All I have around me are flat farm lands unless I venture about an hour or so away. Thanks for hosting fun meme. :)

  6. Our May was wet. Very, very wet! You images are lovely, as always, Mona! Such sweet girls you have!

  7. Niin ihanat kuvat ja banneri taitaa olla uusiutunut viimekäynnistäni. <3

  8. ihania kuvia! upeita

  9. Beautiful May photos...a month of wonder in your photos.

  10. Pretty spring flowers and it is a wonderful shot of your daughter collecting wildflowers.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Mona.

  11. Oh such beautiful photos ! The flowers are wonderful and your daughter is a darling!! Love your header photos as well.

  12. Lovely images. I'm very grateful to be done with school for the year too.

  13. Lovely images. I know we are glad to be done with school here too...but now I have a sixth grader. Sixth!! It is too soon for that!

  14. Toukokuu on puhjennut kukkaan kollaasissasi.

    T. Täysin arkista


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