Friday, January 24, 2014

Beating the cold...

It's so cold... and the temperatures are yet dripping. It's even affecting our everyday life... children haven't been out for a week, public transport tackles, house is chilly and the blankets - big, warm and many blankets - are definitely a necessity. This is no winter wonderland. We have snow but the snow won't stick to the trees and the cold wind blows as it feels some much colder than it actually is.

My Friday finds... I'll try to find the good. The positive. The enjoyable.

We find the felts and huddle close. We burn candles and enjoy not just the light but also the warmth they give. We sleep enough and well under our warm duvets. We make marshmallows by the fire and eat little treats in the evenings. 

The days are slowly getting longer but the darkness still surrounds us heavily both in the evenings as well as in the morning. I'm used to it. I enjoy seeing the sun - that has really happened a couple of times - but I've also learned to beat the darkness. There is no way I'd give up on my Christmas lights ;) And nothing pampers me better than a glass of red wine by the fire...

Happy Friday! Find the good. The positive. The enjoyable.

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  1. we are so cold here also. It is hovering around 0 these past few days and goes below that in the night. We are huddled under blankets and watching movies on the TV. Your images and words make it seem rather cozy though....and spring will be here soon.

  2. I feel your pain. It's 10 degrees F where I live...bitter, but thankfully no snow.
    You images are lovely!

  3. Koselige vinterbilder. Slik kan det også være i mørketiden.
    Liker så godt hvordan du setter sammen bilder slik at de lager en egen fortelling i seg selv.
    Fra Hilda

  4. What a lovely post. This cold weather is a bit of a downer, I am looking forward to spring. Your photos are a delight. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

  5. Warm blankets and a glass of wine sounds good to me. Keep warm. Valerie

  6. Lovely post and beautiful images.

  7. oh such beautiful photos...they must warm you up during the cold long winter. We have had a dreadful winter here just seems never~ending. Enjoy your snuggle time!

  8. oh do i understand the COLD. it's been bitterly cold here as well.... beautiful photos....

    stay warm.... thanks for sharing at FF.


  9. what a lovely post! It is brutally cold this month!

  10. Yeah, the effects of this long winter seems all-encompassing, maybe even more than that. And it hasn't stopped; it might even continue right into March. Prepping the house for this is almost a mind game, since I don't think anyone anticipated this to take this long and be at this level. What's especially worrying is its implications for home heating. It's going to be a battle, that's for sure. And I hope you're well-equipped for that fight.

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