Sunday, November 6, 2016

Gray scale with roses

So we have snow...! And it's been so cold it stays. Somewhat beautiful but not just enough to beat the ugly gray scale of everything nowadays. I have a soar throat and a little headache which annoys me a lot since I would have needed this weekend to enjoy. But I bought roses and I have some good reading and a blanket to help me create some harmony and joy. We even went winter swimming, the lake is already frozen! And later in the evening we'll make a fire and have a glass of wine.

Memory is an autumn leaf
that murmurs a while in
the wind and then is
heard no more...


  1. Iiiihanaaa tunnelmaa, miten joku osaa kuvata katukyltitkin niin, että ne näyttää ihan taianomaisilta..niin pehmeää ja hempeää. <3

  2. Oi miten tunnelmallisen kauniita kuvia, upeaa kukkailottelua ja ihania talvisia otoksia. ♥Ja kisuliini♥

  3. Your roses are my favourite kind, pink with a touch of green. Beautiful. Enjoy the snow! xx

  4. Vaaleanpunaisten ruusujen hento sävy lumisten maisemien hetkissä on täydellisen satumainen!
    Kiitos näistä hurmaavista kuvistasi!

  5. Aah, mitä kuvia!<3 Olet niin taitava Mona!<3

  6. so beautiful... it looks like all are vintage pictures... so beautiful...
    hope you'll feel fine very soon..

    Please visit:

  7. Really romantique captures. I enjoyed this post.

  8. Love the vintage feel to the portrait


  9. Beautiful! I love how soft these are.


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