Monday, October 31, 2016

A month in photos {October 2016}

October gone with a blink of an eye! Seriously. This month we got to see the transformation of nature from reds and yellows to total gray. I'm surprised to realize it happened so fast - yet right in front of our eyes. The season seemed so short and I'm sad to let it go. But there are already frosty mornings and I'm sure our first snow is not far away. So welcome winter and welcome November. We'll make it one to remember.

October favorite...

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  1. October went by super fast for us, too, Mona! Hoping the rest of the year is a bit more slow and gentle! Wishing you a blessed November!

  2. Ihanan hempeää tunnelmaa. Kaunis kollaasi.

  3. Marvelous photos and impressions of your October month.
    Best regards, Synnöve

  4. Ihana kollaasi, joka kuvastaa aivan mahtavasti lokakuuta, kauniit ruskeat sävyt ja syksyinen "unisuus". :) Kuvissasi on aina niin kaunis tunnelma. <3

  5. I am also pleased to see a new post up on your blog and I love your photos so much!
    Happy November!
    diane @ @ thoughts&shots

  6. Jälleen niin herkkiä kuvia, näitä voisi vain tuijottaa tunnista ja päivästä toiseen <3

  7. Gone in the blink of an eye! Beautiful memories, tho. :)


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