Sunday, June 19, 2016

a lover of rain

I'm a little sorry for my children who spent Saturday mainly inside because of the rain that continued for three days. But I'm also happy because at the moment I find rain so comforting and relaxing. There is something I just love about grey skies that I can't quite explain. Rain and a good cup of coffee made my weekend perfect. Sunday was a little better weather-wise and yes, it was to good to get out and marvel all the green around us.

(n) a lover of rain;
someone who finds joy
and peace of mind 
during rainy days

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  1. Very nice pictures. Happy evening to you and your wonderful family

  2. Thanks for this beautiful post. I feel the same about rains. Have a great week ahead!

  3. The rain makes lush greenery! I'm not a fan of rain, but when we were young, my sister would sit at the window for hours and watch the rain.

  4. Oh I want that mini pizza now :D
    Amazing photography as usual Mona!
    Thank you for linking in with Through my Lens.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. What a gorgeous day, the fresh from rain look makes these photos even more enchanting.

  6. The last image is so beautiful ...... I have no words....


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