Sunday, April 10, 2016

Taking a moment

Now where is my spring? Some days are so warm and sunny. Others cold, windy, no sun. The crocuses and and snowdrops that were blooming the other day beside my jogging path pulled back and I can still spot some snow here and there. Even the birds are sleeping. I feel totally uninspired!

This week on Making Films we learned about slow motion and our prompt "Taking a moment" supposed to have yourself in the frame. I really struggled with making this video. First because of having so little time but also feeling pretty much uncomfortable in front of the camera. I ended up having several interpretations but you can watch one of them here.


  1. Aurinkoa sinnekin - Vaasassa on ollut aivan ihania upeita päiviä, toki pari päivää satoikin välillä, mutta se teki vain hyvää katupölylle


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