Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday Stories {and a Video Portrait}

I've learned my way to love Sundays. I used to clamor on about how Sundays are always depressing and no one likes them because they are the opening act for the most hated Monday.
But today I love them. Especially grey, rainy ones.

The weather is most mirthless and what better way to deal with it than feeling completely quilt-free and staying inside? Here I am, sitting next to the window when it's raining and watching the drops from against the glass, only to fall in long streaks and run into other drops along the way. The feeling I get when I realize, yes, I'll have to go back to real life tomorrow, but I still have a whole day ahead of me that is exactly what I want it to be.

And we took a little walk in the nature after all!

This week on Xanthe's Make Films Course we learned about music and audio and shooting video portraits. I'll have mine of Minea embedded at the very bottom of this post. It's still oh so hard and I'm still far from my visions but I realize I'm getting more and more comfortable frame by frame.

Seize that loveliness.
It has always been yours.


  1. It´s so beautiful to see all the beautiful pictures and the amazing video.
    Best regards

  2. Lovely....she smiled and I love the dimple. Adorable. Nice video.

  3. Your pictures are so dreamy! Love them all!


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