Thursday, December 17, 2015

Your Free Download Photo Calendar Template for 2016

Time really flies and suddenly Christmas is just around the corner. December has it very own spark which has just grown while having two little ones in my life. Unfortunately we are still missing snow.... The darkness is becoming almost unbearable. Every candle and light is appreciated now as we wait the snow to enlighten our days and continue to dream of white Christmas.

It's been a super busy past few weeks at work but today after getting home I took the time to put up the design I had in my mind for 2016 Photo Calendar Template. I hope you like it!

Feel free to download here!

I will continue my month in photos project next year as usual and I invite you to join me to share your monthly collages on my blog in the very end of every month. Note that you don't have to use my template in order to join, or any template at all. Feel free to pick your own way to present your month in photos. I hope to see you around :)

Should you need help with using templates, see this tutorial! Would you like to shop some templates, click here!

And if you wish to see my past years in photos,visit my  Pinterest boards, for 2012, 2013 and 2014. 2015 will be wrapped soon.

Sampling with random 2015 pictures...

Thanks for being here 


  1. Todella kaunis template Mona - Kiitos paljon! Sinun motivoiva kuukauden kuvat-haasteen myötä - ja tämäm templaten avulla - voin jo tehdä kalenterin seuraavalle vuodelle kuukausi kerrallaan!
    Sinulle je perheellesi oikein hyvää joulunaikaa!
    t. Nina

  2. Ihana, kiitos! Tulen käyttämään! Oikein hyvää joulua sinulle ja perheellesi!

  3. Thanks for sharing this quality information with us. I really enjoyed reading. Will surely going to share this URL with my friends. dual template


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