Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year & 2015 in review

End of the year always evokes bittersweet feelings. I’m swinging between happy and sad. It feels good to wrap a year that was as good as this one but a part of me doesn't want to let it go.... I worry. Time. It is passing much too swiftly. I realize my little ones, my muses, my children, are not so little anymore. But here we are again rewinding the year and I'm so happy to have captured it. To have pressed the shutter and saved these memories.

As every year I used Photobox (UK) to print my calendar. Last year was an exception but the quality wasn't so good and returned to Photobox and A3 Simple (which is their best seller). Delivery was late, but it finally arrived - just before new year.

We are sharing our December collages here! Join if you wish.

Here is my 2015 in pictures! 2016! Happy New Year everyone 

My resolutions:
Live simply.
Dream big.
Be grateful.
Give love.
Laugh lots.

Also sharing with Pieni Lintu


  1. This is beautiful Mona :) I´d like to do something like this for next year :)

    Happy new year from you friend in Iceland !

    Kristín Vald

  2. Just lovely pictures full of feeling and color.

    R. Täysin arkista

  3. Oikein ihanaa tulevaa vuotta ja lapset tulee olemaan hyvin onnellisia isoina näistä kuvamuistoista <3

  4. Your pictures are so wonderful. I love the soft colours.
    Happy new year for you and your family

  5. You have a wonderful eye for color! Happy New Year, Mona!

  6. Oi niin kauniita ja herkkiä!!! <3

  7. Täällä ei tarvitse koskaan pettyä, vaan sun kuvista saa niin paljon inspiraatiota. Kiitos Mona!<3 Hyvää uutta vuotta 2016!

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  9. Beautiful recap of your year. I finished mine this morning....thanks to your inspiration. :-)

  10. Such a beautiful year, Mona! Wishing you and your family all JOY in 2016!

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