Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Little things

See how everything just starts to turn from green to brown... yellow and reds are yet to come and all autumn miracles are about to happen any time soon. It's the time of year that days fly by so quickly and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with all there is to do. I'm trying my best to slow down as our days are filled with daycare, school, work, homework, parent's evenings, all other obligations and this'n that... there needs to be snuggles, slow runs and log walks, apples, books and little things as well!

“I believe in the hands that work, in the brains that think, and in the hearts that love...I believe in sunshine, fresh air, friendship, calm sleep, beautiful thoughts.” ~ Elbert Hubbard


  1. Eine sehr schöne den ersten Anzeichen des Herbstes...
    Liebe Grüße, Karin

  2. It is easy to become overwhelmed at this time of year but your post brings us back to the things that really matter. Children seem to instinctively understand which things are more important, but we lose sight of that as we become older and caught up in day to day "must-do's" that sometimes take over our lives. You seem to be following your kids' lead. Beautiful post!

  3. I love the one with the big yellow leaf! Hope you can slow down and savor these days.

  4. beautiful images . . . are you really that cool already - for sweaters? I'm SO NOT ready for that weather yet!! I feel so cheated with our summer!

  5. Don't let stress you out. Nature is slowing down and we can choose to follow suit. And sometimes it's necessary to say 'No' if somebody else wants to plan your day :). Keep calm and take (along beautiful) photos ;).


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