Thursday, June 19, 2014

Inspirational Finds {Links to Love}

We are about to start our Midsummer feast here in Finland but the weather here has been dreadful. Far from summer. Few days ago the news said it had been colder than last Christmas! I've been surfing around the net to get inspired and buried myself in daydreams. Enjoying under my covers with my laptop.

I'm desperately waiting my summer holiday to start (...still three more weeks!) and dream of our annual trip to the beach on the last week of July. No matter what the weather will be then, it will be wonderful.
I just created a collage out of my last year favorites.

For more inspiration, I've been browsing through some lovely seashore pictures in Pinterest.
See my inspiring Seaside Pinterest board here!

It's the open space I long for the most... And talking about the Open Space, it was the theme for Angie Marie Photography Challenge a while ago. My submission, another favorite from last year, made it to the Top Ten!

Last year, right after our trip to the beach, I discovered this Summer at the Beach Video from Florabella Collection. I fell in love instantly and while weeping in front of it, I knew I would want to make my own video some day. Not today (because I have no idea how). But some day.

You should watch this. It is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l !!!

Last I want to share my latest find: Summer Photo Prompts from Life'n Reflection. Take a look, download and print your own copy. I'm gonna do this!

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  1. I soooo know what you´re going through because last summer here in Iceland was terrible, just raining and raining. Hope this summer will be better and also for you so I can look at your beautiful summer pictures :)

    I just loved the video from everything she does !

    hugs from rainy Iceland

    1. Thanks Kristin! I hope we will both get sunshine soon :) Hugs to you as well!

  2. In the meanwhile I love florabella collections and cant get enough ;-)
    Now I am going to watch this video.... ;-)
    Thanks for your inspirational and beautiful pictures of the beach.
    Best, Brigitte

  3. I hope the weather gets better and starts to feel somewhat like summer. Here in Arizona we are burning, no kidding! Sometimes I wish we had your kind of weather. Those summer photo prompts look awesome, I would love to try is as well. Thanks for sharing.

    -Rosy A Joyful Kind of Life

  4. Hyvää juhannusta, ollaan onnellisia jos lunta ei sada:) Sisätiloissa on kylmempi kun ulkona tällä hetkellä ja jos ei olis töihinlähtö laittaisin takkaan tulet:)

  5. Places that are special are wonderful no matter what the weather.

  6. I love everything about your post for today. But mostly I love your spirit of hope - it will be warm soon! Thanks for the link to the movie and the summer photo prompts and the inspiration, too. Wishing warmer days for you soon!

  7. What a beautiful and fun collage

  8. Mona, your photos are always so dreamy! Love that collage of your girls at the beach. Wonderful images...

  9. Hope that summer will come... it looks like autumn in these days, too! stormy and well!! Have a great weekend!

  10. I love all your photos and I hope your weather gets better. Here on the west coast of Canada, it's been okay, but not as warm as usual. Supposed to be better next week. Thank you so much for sharing the summer photo prompts. Great ideas!!!

  11. The list is inspiring. Perhaps over the winter months you can learn to make the video.


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