Tuesday, April 8, 2014

For the love of... Mondays!

I'm a little bit in love with... Mondays!
A fresh start. New beginning. Sweet everyday things...

beauty is hidden in everything, just learn how to observe 

~ Rita Ghatourey

Doing her nails.. (on my white chair...)

Finished her nails

Anemone - soon opening

Textured with Kim Klassen 'Just a touch'

A favorite rose that I just got printed
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I have a texture freebie for you. You can download it, the link is on my Facebook page.
It's part of my Endless Elegy -collection. Didn't quite make it to the collection and I'm sharing it now as a freebie.


  1. I am not a Monday person, but glad someone is :) Have a great week.

  2. Meidän maanantai oli oikein tyypillinen maanantai... :P

    Ihanat kuvat. :) Ostin myös itselleni pinkkiä kynsilakkaa eilen. Ihanaa!! :D

  3. Wonderful photos. Yes, Mondays are great.

  4. Congrats, Mona!
    You are the only lady, even the only person i know on this planet who loves Mondays... ;-)

    Enjoy the rest of the week, too!


  5. Mona, First of all, I love the quote by ee cummings. I will add this one to my collection of quotes - those that speak to me. Second, I feel as though I am getting to know your daughters and just adore them. Third, I adore your use of textures which transforms the plain background and gives every picture a soft painterly quality. And finally, thank you so much for the free texture. I love Mondays, too. Here's why - I love a fresh start and a chance to try again and a do-over. I am not always successful, but I never stop trying or starting over to be more and do better.

  6. Kuvissasi silmä lepää, suloiset tytöt, kiitos! Jotenkin maanantait ovat alkaneet itsellenikin maistua, kun olen rauhoittanut sen päivän täysin kaikista menoista. Se on myös mun ja mieheni treffipäivä:) Aurinkoa viikkoosi!

  7. You are one brave woman to allow nail posh on white furniture! But with someone as adorable as that precious little girl, I can see why you gave in. :-) I try and get Peanut to agree to photo ideas I have, but she's less than cooperative most of the time! Thank you for the link to your Facebook page and for the freebie texture. Another place to see your gorgeous photography!
    Visiting from Texture Tuesday

  8. I would have re directed where she did her nails. My Blessing knows that she has to have a magazine underneath her to do hers:) I used kk just a touch texture in my shot too this week.

  9. Lovely photos with a story to tell...the best way to see photographs is to relive a moment or retell a story. Gorgeous edits....painting nails on a white chair...priceless.

  10. Always love the soft delicate tones your images have. Such a painterly feel to them.

  11. I'm feeling like in an art gallery... Gorgeous & delicate photo instants, indeed...

  12. She is lovely (even doing her nails on your white chair). Beautiful, intimate, delicate shots.

  13. Beautiful! Man that first shot is such an everyday event, but you make it look stunning. I'm thrilled to have you back at Life Through the Lens, I missed your photography inspiration!!


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