Thursday, July 28, 2016

A month in photos {July 2016}

Holiday month almost gone! Three more days left. May it be a beautiful farewell.
July was perfect: travelling, sunshine, mostly glorious weather. Memorable moments together: loads of swimming, just hanging out, eating berries, making good food. And it all culminates Minea turning nine years today. Happy birthday dear!

July favorite. The nine years old.

I will be sharing #mymonthlyscene video on Instagram as soon as I finish it...

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  1. Ihanat kuvat!<3 Minullakin on tarkoitus ehtiä laittamaan heinäkuu pakettiin lähipäivinä. Kesäkuussa jäi kollaasit tekemättä.
    Ihanaa viikonloppua! Sehän on jälleen Kukkailottelun aika, tule mukaan!:)

  2. Happy Birthday Minea! It's a lovely portrait of you.

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  5. Oi, oi miten kaunis kollaasi, lintu ja pilvet kuva on ihan <3 <3. Ihana kuva myös Mineasta. Ihanaa elokuuta!

  6. Ihana sankari <3 ja kauniit kuvat!

  7. Happy birth day to your beautiful daughter. She is lovely and will turn more than a few of the boys' heads in a couple of years! Your July looks picture perfect. Stunning photos, as usual. I hope your August is equally enjoyable.


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