Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cold & Classic comfort

Winter holiday is over but cold and cough remains... There has been days inside, some cabin-fever... hundreds of hankies, hugs and comfort food.

"Thank you for the 
tragedy. I need it 
for my art." ~Kurt Cobain

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  1. so very wonderful. Best regards susa

  2. Beautiful pictures , there is so much love an care in them.
    Lieben Gruss, Patricia

  3. Looks like a nice way to begin the day.

  4. Lovely collection of photos! I am so ready for warmer weather! Cold and dreary here today!

  5. Great capture for your thumbnail! Comfort is what you need, my sense is, especially in more Northern countries (am originally from Holland). Have a meme called Seasons from Mon-Wed, and one of the aspects is comfort. Am inviting you to link to Seasons at www(dot)Stgermain(dot)com - it's around noon here, and the link is open to 7 pm Pacific time. Hope to see you there!

  6. your pictures are so dreamy! i love them!!

  7. Kaunis kollaasi. Lovely images:)


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