Thursday, April 30, 2015

A month in photos {April 2015}

Welcome to share your month in photos!

April came and so did the spring. Unfortunately we spent most of this beautiful month being sick. Nevertheless we are fine now and this beautiful Thursday on the last day of April is going to be our little spring celebration. And with celebration I mean a little run, sauna with kids, ice cream, TV and and a good night sleep. And a glass of wine ;)

"The only difference between 
an extraordinary life and ordinary one
is the extraordinary pleasures 
you find in ordinary things"
- Veronique Vienne

This picture of me and my girls taking a Saturday walk in the forest was my this month favorite.

What was your month like? Join me and link up your month in photos below!

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  1. Ihanat kevätkuvat, erityisesti scillat! <3

  2. Stunning collage and so delicate!!! I also love so much a picture of you and your girls. Very precious and very special photo!

    Best wishes to you.

  3. That shot of you and your girls is lovely. Like the first flower shot too in your collage. funny to see people in hats and coats still when we are in shorts and t shirts here.

  4. What a fun idea for a link-up! I love your collage and the beautiful soft colors of spring.

  5. Niin tunnelmallista, kuten aina <3

  6. So beautiful ! Love your images :)

  7. Lovely collage, Mona ~ and the image of your with your daughters! I need to do one from April as well ~ Thanks to your inspiration & this inspiring blog party!

  8. So nice and beautiful your children!
    I nice May month!

    Warm regards, Gerry!

  9. Ihanan tunnelmallinen kollaasi :) En pääse kyllä koskaan yli siitä että sun kuvat on kyllä upeita!

  10. Lumoavat kuvat.<3 Ihan mieltöntä, miten teet sen joka kerta.:)

  11. Lovely collage, Mona! The colors are so calming and peaceful...Love your images! Have a wonderful May! :)

  12. I love this prompt and thank you for offering it to us! Your photos are always so lovely.

  13. Ihanaiset kevätkuvat - oikein kaunis tuo alin kuva sinusta ja tyttäristäsi!


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