Friday, November 7, 2014

Let if fall

My Friday Finds... a few beautiful lines. Happy Friday you all 

Whatever we’ve lost
I think we’re gonna let it go
Let it fall
Like snow

'Cause rain and leaves
And snow and tears and stars¨
And that's not all my friend
They all fall with confidence and grace
So let if fall, let it fall

-Over the Rhine


  1. Wonderful rainy impressions. The drops of water hang like jewels from the tree branches.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Kaunis postaus - onko tuo joku puinen lintu? :)

  3. Amazing! And what a beautiful idea with the little bird, it looks like alive. LG Su

  4. Fantastic mood showing this captures!

  5. Your images are so inspiring and set a very thoughtful and gentle mood.

  6. The poem is a perfect compliment to your pictures for today - thoughtful and grateful. These images portray the frailty of life -and deepen our appreciation. Love the line - They all fall with confidence and grace. This is how I feel about aging - my goal. Thank you for your beautiful posts and inspiration always.


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