Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer's end

School started (for the first time for us!) and I was buried under work and all other obligations. Suddenly summer seems something that happened ages ago. I feel the autumn in the air - apples, rowans and golden grain. It's all here. And it's fine. I just have to take a few big deep breaths and relax first. 
This summer has flown by like it always does. Such short season here in Finland never fails and always ends with good memories. I'm sharing some of those today.

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  1. Such a great Summer day .... Fantastic shots :)

  2. Summer is so full of bliss and so is your photography!

  3. Beautiful photographs and post editing!

  4. You take such pretty pictures and the editing is just beautiful xx

  5. A feast for the eyes and heart--thank you!

  6. Beautiful images of summer. I'm always a little sad when summer end and my kids go to school.


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