Thursday, March 20, 2014

About me & About you {Linky}

Sometimes I just surf around and read bloggers' "About me" pages. As much as I love to browse trough blogs it's always even more interesting knowing the story behind. To meet the blogger. The person. Perhaps to see a face...

So let's make this easy. Link your "About me" here and let people get to know you. If you don't have an "Abut me" page, you can always put up a little post about you. Introduce you - tell us a little bit about you blog.

Remember to visit each other and say a little hello! And the more the merrier. Share and invite!
Let's start mingling :)


  1. It's a famous idea, but Mr. Linky will for me not working today :(

    1. Thanks Mascha! Try if Mr. Linky would co-operate later :)
      Anyway, glad you shared your page this way!

  2. Great idea, I was stopping by to see if the flower hop is still on? I'm looking forward to Spring and will be joining you :) linked up my about me page :) thanks for hosting...

  3. Thank you so much for this circle of friends. I will plan to sit and relax on Sunday afternoon and visit each link. I love to meet new people and genuinely enjoy the stories of families and life's adventures. I'll bookmark this page and be back soon!


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